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Midd Money Match

Play Midd Money Match and earn Middlebury Money for FREE! 


Midd Money Match is a town-wide shopping rewards program for shopping locally. Spend at least $10 at a participating business and get a sticker for your Midd Money Match card. When you get ten stickers, turn in your card at the National Bank of Middlebury (Main St. Branch) or the Town Office Treasurer's Office to receive $10 of Middlebury Money for free. (Beginning July 2018) 

It’s easy: 


1. Pick up your Midd Money Match card


2. Shop and dine locally and get a sticker for your card each time you spend at least $10


3. Fill up your card (10 spaces) and cash it in for $10 in Middlebury Money

Shop & Dine Midd...Earn Midd Money! 

Middlebury Businesses: 

Neighbors Together has been reaching out to all Middlebury retail, dining and service-based businesses.


Have we missed you? If so and you'd like to participate in the Midd Money Match program or would like to begin accepting Middlebury Money, please let us know by filling out your info here