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What is Neighbors Together?

Neighbors, Together is a grassroots community action group comprised of representatives from a variety of businesses and organizations that works together to support economic, social and cultural vitality & accessibility throughout the construction project.


Neighbors Together was initially formed by St. Stephen's Church in response to the downtown construction project. The group held a series of community forums to gather information about ways we can all work together to support our businesses and community through the project. From there, we developed a plan for 2018 activities and a budget request to the State of Vermont. 

Currently, the Neighbors Together group is working to execute the 2018 plans. This year, our goals are to:

  • Drive local business revenue with marketing and promotions

  • Invest in the infrastructure needed to support Middlebury’s business community throughout and beyond this project

  • Use this year to help us evaluate the effectiveness of 2018 initiatives for future investments and the planning for the next two years 

  • Increase the vitality of the community and promote stronger community partnerships

Want to get involved? Shoot us an email and we'll connect!

Neighbors Together Partners

St. Stephens Church

Better Middlebury Partnership

National Bank of Middlebury

Middlebury College

Town of Middlebury

Downtown Improvement District 

Town Hall Theater

Addison Central School District

UVM-Porter Medical Center

Addison County Teen Center

Sheldon Museum

Addison County Chamber of Commerce

Citizens at Large